Listing your wines

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A basic listing on VineTest is free.

How to list your business with ?

You will need to prepare a XML data feed for us to use .

XML specification:

<WINE> <ID>AB123</ID> <NAME>Sylvánské zelené</NAME> <WINERY>Znovín Znojmo</WINERY> <URL></URL> <IMGURL></IMGURL> <DESCRIPTION>.....</DESCRIPTION> <PRICE>90</PRICE> <SIZE>0.7</SIZE> <VINTAGE>2009</VINTAGE> <APPELLATION>Výběr z hroznů</APPELLATION> <EAN>6417182041488</EAN> <VARIETY>Rulandské šedé</VARIETY> <COLOR>white|red|rose</COLOR> <ALCOHOL>12</ALCOHOL> <SUGAR>3.2</SUGAR> <ACIDITY>4.1</ACIDITY> <DISTRICT>Velkopavlovická</DISTRICT> <COMMUNE>Velké Bílovice</COMMUNE> <VINEYARD>Stará hora</VINEYARD> <BARRIQUE>yes|no</BARRIQUE> </WINE>

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